Lawyers and other professionals, insurers, agencies, schools, corporations, and governments increasingly rely on comprehensive psychological assessments (generally referred to as Independent Medical Examinations or IME's) to evaluate or establish insurance or legal claims, to evaluate current treatment, to analyze day-to-day or workplace functioning, to suggest suitable treatment options, to establish a basis for workplace or school accommodations, or to plan return-to-work options in disability cases.

Gozlan Psychology offers an objective psychological opinion. Servicing insurers, employers, lawyers, unions and third party insurers. Our experienced team effectively coordinates relevant examinations with comprehensive arrangements for travel, interpretation, medical document copy/delivery, and report processing.

Psychological/Psycho-social Assessments

These are comprehensive evaluations of psychological, intellectual and emotional functioning. The various assessments offered include:.

Employment / Vocationally related Assessments

These assessments provide a deeper understanding of individual learning and employment profiles, and are designed to help clients reach their full potential and make realistic decisions about future training and careers.