Our professional team is not only trained to identify problems and offer treatment but is also trained in consultation techniques.

Psychological consultation differs from therapy. With therapy, individuals usually know what the specific issues are and are looking for relief from those issues. However, frequently, individuals, agencies, or organizations are not fully aware of the exact nature of the problem they are experiencing, but are aware that a problem exists and that help is needed. In cases such as these, we usually suggest a consultation. Consultation interviews are usually longer than a therapy session and are used to gather relevant background information, determine the exact nature of the problem and to examine what solutions have been tried. Following this, we are able to make recommendations, which could include further psychological assessment and/or therapy.


Employer based Assessments

We are frequently asked by third parties to perform independent psychological evaluations (IPE) in order to determine the nature and extent of an employee's/plaintiff's psychological and emotional distress.


Employment issues which often require an IPE include:

IPEs involve pre-evaluation consultation and medical/treatment record review as well as a review of all relevant documents submitted. The evaluation itself utilizes a number of psychometric instruments designed to assess psychopathology, personality structure and disorders, cognitive/intellectual functioning and a clinical interview.


Pre-Employment Screening

High turnover rates and other problems related to poor employee-job fit can plague even the best of companies. Managing these problems often requires manpower and capital that could be used better elsewhere.

Using psychological inventories and structured clinical interviews, Gozlan Psychology will customize a new-hire program for your company designed to maximize both person-job and person-organization fit. We will create a comprehensive report for the company based on our findings, and will make a recommendation regarding hiring. We will provide assessment feedback and interview suggestions that help identify applicant strengths and weaknesses.