Dr. Gozlan

Dr Gozlan

At times you may feel that patterns of experiencing the world stubbornly persist and lead you to emotional, functional or relationship difficulties. My approach to treatment is aimed at helping you open up ways of experiencing the world. I will work very closely with you to identify constraints of patterns and habits, help you enhance your self awareness and find creative paths and choices. I have over 15 years of experience treating and assessing individuals in private practice and hospital settings.

I am a trained, licensed and board certified psychoanalyst as well as a clinical psychologist. I see individuals from all walks of life who struggle with relationship difficulties, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, childhood and adult trauma, sexuality, sexual identity, transitioning, workplace difficulties, loss, grief, among many other issues.

Treatment approach and length is carefully tailored around the needs and dynamics of each person. I find that my extensive training as both a psychoanalyst and a psychologist help me gain a deeper understanding of internal and external factors involved in the persistence of difficulties.